I wanted to thank you for our sessions. They have changed my life. I have a voice now and I thank you for that. You do so much good.

Lovett B.

I had the gift and honor of a session with Tracey recently.  I have been “around the block” for thirty years with many of the best healers on earth. The session with Tracey was among the best I have ever experienced.  Healing, honoring and deeply affirming at the soul level. Profound.  Peaceful.  Tracey held a safe space for a journey into the core of life and stayed present through each moment.

Michael John Hall

Thank you for the work that you do.  It really gets to the core of everything.  So nice for me.  I loved it.  I feel more in touch with the inner “me” today.


I was very fortunate to find Tracey at a time in my life when I was willing to explore. My problem question was how does one stay on top of things, feel creative and healthy?

Staying balanced meant stepping into my power, loving myself. I can’t say enough about her vast knowledge, intuition and compassion. She is an authentic healer who teaches others how to become whole.

Jade R.

What can be said about a being who surpasses the title she embodies so exquisitely?….”A Divine Gift”. I only let the most adept, sensitive and wise work on my body and being and I have had the privilege of meeting one of the best! I have laid on a table and had her harmonizing hands stitch together the fragmented feelings of loss in my heart into openings into Ascended Love and Presence. She does what few can only dream of being; she opens gateways of rarefied consciousness…because it is so simple and comes through a space of Divine Light! Her sense of humor and joy for giving is delight-filled and heart-felt. Tracey Whittet understands the delicate essence of our natural birthright to be whole and wholly aligned. If you want to know the gifts you carry and how to access them, if you want to be aligned with your heart-mind-soul essence, if you need support in your growth, if you need extra care and healing for your tired and overwhelmed body… Then book some quality time with this Master of Miracles…she delivers beyond what many claim to be. She IS the real deal and I say this because I have experienced it to be so. KA’ryna SH’ha


KA’ryna SH’ha

Tracey was able to do a spiritual healing for me, which was extraordinary. The first thing I experienced was the removal of the pain from my lungs I had for a couple of months. Once that was gone, I felt my heart literally relax from the tension I had been feeling and was able to breathe easily. Tracey’s work is like none other I have ever experienced. She is remarkable.
Sharyn Abbott
Author and Speaker

Sharon A.

I have known Tracey Whittet 48 years. She is very in tune with the spiritual world.  I received a message through my deceased brother-in law through Tracey.   If not through her help, I would never have received it.  Recently I went through a 3 week hellish stay.   Tracey set me on a better nutritional diet regarding my particular situation.   This is the most spiritual person I have met.  Please use her for all your spiritual needs.  She is an enigma and naturally talented and attuned to anything spiritual.   Use her, she is so worth it.   Signed by one of her oldest and dearest friends.

Debbie J.

I have experienced several delightful clearing sessions with Tracey. Be prepared to go into the inner with compassion, clarity and often times humor.  Tracey brings diverse modalities to her healing style with a powerful impact on your life!  Thank You!  I Love You Tracey!!

Linda H.

I have been a client of Tracey Whittet for several years now. In my opinion Tracey is a wonderful healer… she has studied many different modalities and is a very caring, loving, and knowledgeable practitioner.

Richard B.

One of the most amazing and talented energy workers that I have met during my lifetime. Tracey Whittet combines utter compassion with an “inner knowing” which allows the individual to release deep seeded non-beneficial patterns with ease and grace.  Her compassion is unparalleled, allowing you (as the client) to always feel at peace and incredibly safe in her presence.  Her encompassing compassion, which flows from her like a river, allows you to release anything from the smallest, most superficial, unwanted life pattern to the deepest, darkest of traumas.  In addition, her “inner knowing” is so vast that you will be awestruck of how quickly she can ascertain what is in your highest and greatest good.  The vast empire of Masters, Guides, and Angels that assist her with her work are some of the most powerful that I have ever beheld and I personally have grown immensely on all levels from her powerful sessions.

Catherine H.

Transmosis Healing

The Transmosis Healing sessions clear and free you on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. If you have any questions and are interested in seeing if this is something you'd like to experience, please call or text (505) 795-1405. In-person sessions are available and COVID-19 protocols are in effect. Online Zoom sessions are equally effective.

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