Tube Of Light

The Stillness Becomes An Experience

Of Deeper Higher Realms

Witnessing What’s Really Going On

Your Tube Of Light Reflects Out

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved


We Wish To Share With You a Program

That Ignites Hearts Into The 21st Century.

Allow Grace To Take Its Course

As The Intelligence Or Diplomacy That Comes From Heart-Centered Awareness Fulfills Destinies.

~Mother Mary

The Wealth is in the Heart.

As it communicates with the other organs Balance is created.

Go within the Heart.

Breathe in and out through the heart.

See and experience the golden white point of light, your Soul Star, bellow in and out with your breath – in concert.

Go deep into the center of this light within.

You are living your dream – how will you direct it?

Witnessing the truth of your reality with Grace.

Now expand this golden white light, the sphere, from the middle.

BE inside this golden white sphere, breathe, expand it into every organ of your Being.

I AM Truth.

I exist because I AM Loved.

I Create as I AM inspired.

In Spirit I AM.

I Actualize my reality to reflect goodness, health, peace and prosperity that best fits my reality right now.

I can change my thoughts as I feel my way to what I want.

Real life exists as I commit to it.

My inner desires lead The Way.

I AM Whole and Complete

And So It Is.

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved


Winter Solstice

The Possibilities Are Endless

Realizing Wholeness

Returns Parts And Pieces

Into Radiance


We Are Messengers

To Each Other

Facilitating Change

Emancipating Concern


Realizing The Value

Of Traveling To Places

Connecting With Each Other

Materializing Anew


Fast Moving Energies

Witnessing The Movement

Reminds Us In Perspective

We Are Loved


Immensity of Being

Profound Thoughts

Create New Beginnings

Allowing More


Happy Solstice One and All

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Shall I Begin?

Shall I Begin?

We Will Help You

Anoint The Earth

And All Her Inhabitants


Welcoming Grace

Allowing Love

Permeating Souls

Receiving Truth


This is Who You Are

A Being Who Knows

The Truth

The Possibilities


Being Awareness

Being Consciousness

Ignites Souls

To Remember


Sacred Ambitions

Sacred Callings




These Are Tools

To Awakening

To More Of Who

You Truly Are


We Travel Here

Chosen By The One

To Remember We Are That

Expressing Love


Creative Expression

Brings Joy to The Heart

Generating Love Into Matter

Form Reminds Us


Be Well and Love One Another


I will Become

The One Who Came

And Overcame

Again and Again


Righteous Calling


The Proper Time



Expressing The Truth

Frees The Soul

To Recall Unlimitedness

Bountiful Light-filled Expansion


The Mahanta

Helps You

Shining Light and Sound

~ The Path Home


Safe and Warm

Heart is Filled

Overflowing Golden

Essence of Love


Surrender to No One

Follow Your Truth

The Timing is Perfect

Realizations Occur


So Much Love

Is Here

For You

Are You Receiving It?


The Energy Feels

Like A Warm Blanket

Visions Of

A Field of Sunny Green Beauty


Witnessing Soft Beauty

Felt Deep In The Heart

Taking Flight

Isis Soars


Feeling Nurtured

No Better Way

Gaining Momentum

Catapulting To The Unknown


Rejected Out of Fear

It Is Clear

Many Are

In Pain


Holding Patient Understanding

Allowing Space

All Will Be



© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Souls Unite

Souls Unite In Love For You

Your Grace Allows Hearts Fluidity

As Hearts Rise In Your Presence

Diplomacy Of The Most High Is Experienced


Harmonious Love Awaits You

Revelations Of The Heart

Expand Those Who Hear The Music

Witnessing Love In All Forms


Can you Feel The Love?

It Expands Everything

As We Become More Of Who We Are

We Remember It’s All Love


Releasing The Past Of What We Don’t Even Know

Exiting All Entrapments Not Ours

We Free Ourselves To Be Known

As The Wayshower To Those Yet Free


Beginnings Are Beginnings

Endings Are Endings

It’s All The Same Thing


© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved