Soothe Soul

We Witness Your Struggles

Life Has a Way of Showing Up

Withdrawing All Boundaries

To Growth


Research the Wantings of Your Heart

Strength Begets Strength

Rounded Edges Soften

Into the Glow


Even Though You Think Little of the Moment

It is All There Is

We Entice You With Truths

That Soothe Soul


Withdrawing All Hope is Human

Installing Love is Divine

Capture Your Heart With This Essence

Life Becomes


Love is Devotion to Self

Evolved Hearts Know This

The Comings and Goings Modulate

Flowing Hearts Open


© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

Oracular Truths

You Are The Container For My Love

The Time Is Right For You To Begin

Speaking The Truths Unknown To Others

Oracular Truths Will Be Forthcoming

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved

Growth Expansion Revelation

It’s best to not resist letting go and trusting God. I learned that my highest good is always at play and I am Creator of vast creations.

I had an old reference point of fooling myself that I am not enough and it isn’t even true nor does it serve me. I accept I made it hard and I forgive myself! My new reference point for living as a spiritual being is I AM Enough as I AM.

I choose love for that is what I truly am. I clear away old energy patterns and replace it with loving honoring truths. I witness my complete beauty and grace of Soul.

© Tracey Whittet 2016 All Rights Reserved