Melting Synchronicity

Melting Of Synchronicities

Merging In Light

Manifest Greatness

It Is Your Birthright


The World Blesses You

Waves of Loving Kindness

Open Arms Receiving Divinity

Love Abounds; Connect To It


The Service Provided

Is Fed Through Light

Be The Sound

Of Loving Embrace


Elevated Consciousness

Cleared Distortions

Maximized Potentials

Enhanced Love


Removal of Barriers

Concepts of Old

Rejoice The Love

New and Present


The Soul Is Descending

Down Into The Body

Be Who You Really Are

Divine HUman


Golden Tongued Wisdom

Ignites Hearts Aglow

Realized Presence

Mastering Here and Now


The Trail of Light

You Exude

Is Thoughts and Feelings

of The True Unknown


Bathed In The Light

Receiving Grace

Mastering Presence

Allowing More


The Source Code Is You

Embrace It

Followers Designed

To Free Themselves


The Farmer Walks

Out Of The Veil

Now Seeing The Truth; Eyes Wide Open

With Heart and Soul


Allow The Current

To Flow Freely

Through Your Being

Oneness Abides


Inflated Hearts Matter

Cups Overfloweth

Being The Helping Hand

Embracing All That Is


© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved

Soul Alignment

I Align Myself With The Universe

As Hearts Come Together In Unison

We Magnify High Sound

Being Love


Gratitude Is The Embodiment

Of Grace

Open To Receive Grace

Designing The Heart For A Life Of Love


Gracious Matter We Are

Heart With Wings Transforms

Into Dove, Dragon, Phoenix, Back To Heart

The Wings Set The Heart Free

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved