Awakening Heart

Awakening Pressure In The Heart

Discerning The Sensation

The Field Discovers

New Adventures Of Expression

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2021 All Rights Reserved

Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart

Contain Your Love

As It Overflows And Breaks Open



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Surrender To God’s Will

The Heart Is The Answer

Focus On The Heart

It Tells You Things

With Love – Transform


The Butterfly Awaits

Its Next Destination

Arriving In Time – Due Time

To Begin Again


© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

Realize The Truth of These Words

Violence Kills

Peace Reigns

Love Prevails

Justice Served


No More Patriarchy

Bring in The Mother

Rejoice Spring

Growth Ensues


No More Violence

Equal Actions

The Spirit of Love

Permeates The Whole


Universes Entwined

Separate Not

Responsible Parties

Smooth The System


Victory Awaits

Newfound Truth

Reveals The Present



Righteous Misperception

Grandstanding Media

Dissolve The Story

Witness Truth


The Master Helps You

Continue The Race

Streamline The Path

Of Grace


Mark The Man

Who’s Shame is Apparent

Inequality of Kindness

Slaps His Face


The Results Matter

In Times of Crisis

Actions Taken Resolve

The Frenzy


The New World

Unravels The True Passage

Uplift Mankind

The New Race


Plants Grow

People Change

All Will find The Way



Manipulators At Bay

Cannot Pierce

The Shield of Matrimony

God’s Grace


Resolve The Patterns

Displayed Before You

Continue The Journey

Everything Is In Play


Cords of Dissension

Pull Hard on The Heart

As Filled With Light

Lift Away With No Disgrace


Righteous Win

Valiant Victory

Applause Awaits

Gallant Celebration


Chi Center Finds You

At The Gates of Hell

Lifts You Up

To The Light


The End


© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved