Shall I Begin?

Shall I Begin?

We Will Help You

Anoint The Earth

And All Her Inhabitants


Welcoming Grace

Allowing Love

Permeating Souls

Receiving Truth


This is Who You Are

A Being Who Knows

The Truth

The Possibilities


Being Awareness

Being Consciousness

Ignites Souls

To Remember


Sacred Ambitions

Sacred Callings




These Are Tools

To Awakening

To More Of Who

You Truly Are


We Travel Here

Chosen By The One

To Remember We Are That

Expressing Love


Creative Expression

Brings Joy to The Heart

Generating Love Into Matter

Form Reminds Us


Be Well and Love One Another


I will Become

The One Who Came

And Overcame

Again and Again


Righteous Calling


The Proper Time



Expressing The Truth

Frees The Soul

To Recall Unlimitedness

Bountiful Light-filled Expansion


The Mahanta

Helps You

Shining Light and Sound

~ The Path Home


Safe and Warm

Heart is Filled

Overflowing Golden

Essence of Love


Surrender to No One

Follow Your Truth

The Timing is Perfect

Realizations Occur


So Much Love

Is Here

For You

Are You Receiving It?


The Energy Feels

Like A Warm Blanket

Visions Of

A Field of Sunny Green Beauty


Witnessing Soft Beauty

Felt Deep In The Heart

Taking Flight

Isis Soars


Feeling Nurtured

No Better Way

Gaining Momentum

Catapulting To The Unknown


Rejected Out of Fear

It Is Clear

Many Are

In Pain


Holding Patient Understanding

Allowing Space

All Will Be



© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Welcoming the Day

You Are Sound

Sound Is Light

Expressing Itself

May the Blessings Be


God Is At Hand

Being You

Thanking You for Being



The Fountain of Love

Manifests Through the Heart

Overflowing Joy

Being Witnessed


Joyful Thoughts Flow

As One Becomes

Aware of Presence



The Bodies Warn You

When Imbalance Occurs

Righting the Track

Towards Wholeness


Releasing the Past

Frees the Soul

Allowing Expansion



Processing Grief

Of Moments Past

Expands the Heart

Openings Come


All is Well

Timing Is Pure

Trusting Your Self

Divine Guidance


The Bubbles Appear

When Returning From Up High

Realms of Experience

Sacredness Is

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved