What Is The Best Way To Be?

The Art of Being…YOU is undeniably the way to go. This world needs you to BE you and contribute as only you can do.

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

Magnificent Love

As We Join With You This Day

Become Aware of the Intricacies of Life

Life Will Show You Magnificent Ways

To Love Deeper;  To Love More


The Way Will Be Shown to You

Simply Ask

All Will Be Revealed

And Justice Done


The Complete Road to Take is Never Known

All We Can Do is Respond in The Moment

The Breadcrumbs Laid Before Us

Are Wise


The Principles of Relativity

Are Merely Stepping Stones

In the Cosmic Realm

Of Possibilities


Fear Not As Life is Orchestrated

In Concert or In Combat

The Organs Will Replenish Themselves

Given The Right Light


The Scope of Awareness is Vast

Uncomplicated and Undiminished

Make It Simple

Resolve All Misgivings and Sticky Energy


Many Love You

Many Don’t Know You

How Shall They Find You?

When Are You Serving The All?


The Truth Shall Set You Free

Design Your Life

Congruent with Harmony

And All is Balanced


He Will Come To Be

Talent Will Come Forth

Showing Men Their Glory

Sensitive Soul


There Can Be Truth

There Can Be Lies

There is a Process



Explosive Past

Expansive Future

Souls Unite



The Process of Awakening

Is Triggered to Become

With Experiences Met



Happy Full Moon

Celebrate Dance

Love Yourself

Into the Moment


© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

Independence Day

We On The Earth Plane Need Your Help

As We Unite in Gatherings of Love

We Embrace The Ignition Of Light

Sparking Our Inner Journeys of Oneness

We Believe In Love As We Are Love.

As We Acknowledge Love

All Forces Combine To Unite All Beings

And Together We Are Unstoppable

As The Gentle Flowing Force Of Love

Permeates The Masses In Kindness

To Open Hearts And Breathe In and Out

The Life Force Called Love.

Love Is The Way.

The Magi Way.

The Inner Path Is Unique and Beautiful

For All To Bear Witness To

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Only To Be In Awe Of

As This Co-Creative Beingness

Flows Always In All Ways.

As We TAP Into Our Divinity

We Remember Ourselves As Our Original Form

Flows Lovingly With Ease

Be The Magi.

Be The Life You Cherish And Only Dream About

As It Can Be Yours If You So Choose.

The Beginning And The End Continuously Flowing Forth

Being Awake, Aware, And Fully Conscious.

The Magi Awakens And Becomes The Way.

So Be It.

It Has Started And Only Begun.

Thank you.

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved