Michelle Lusson – We are all healers and teachers, and Souls of Light

My dear teacher Michelle Lusson creator of Creative Wellness speaks in 2015 to a group. Lovely, wise woman who I honor and revere. Please enjoy!


I AM Enough

I AM Enough

The Presence of Enough is All Around Me

Purification and Upliftment in the Heart Is

Intuitive Visions Ascend and Fly Upward

Turtle Doves Sing Love Songs to Us All

Witness the Ease With Which This is Done

Heartfelt Desires Meet Source

And New Beginnings Become Known

Experience the Abyss of Your Heart

As All is Within

And So It Is ~ Alia

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Let’s BE

The Octaves of Love

Are Guiding Forces in Your Life

As you Open Up to the Elated

Fullness of These Gifts

Mere Existence is Profound

And the Places We Go

Are Grand, a New Kind of Deep

Mastering This Inner Experience

And Allowing it to BE

We are One

Let’s BE.

The Concept of Love Awaits You. Shall we connect because as we connect we BEcome more real, more present and more of our essence. Let’s BE. As we BE our essence all energies move into divine order and divine presence is made manifest. Man-i-Fest. Festival – Party? Align with the inner forces that guide you and BElieve all is well. We unite on the inner; we unite on the outer. Are all real? We say yes indeed.  Ask, Trust, Acknowledge, and Accept the beautiful bounty of you. As you grow, you shall know with deepest affection and consistent loving encouragement – Let’s BE.

Darkness wants to return home to Love. Transmute it all to Love.

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved