Welcoming the Day

You Are Sound

Sound Is Light

Expressing Itself

May the Blessings Be


God Is At Hand

Being You

Thanking You for Being



The Fountain of Love

Manifests Through the Heart

Overflowing Joy

Being Witnessed


Joyful Thoughts Flow

As One Becomes

Aware of Presence



The Bodies Warn You

When Imbalance Occurs

Righting the Track

Towards Wholeness


Releasing the Past

Frees the Soul

Allowing Expansion



Processing Grief

Of Moments Past

Expands the Heart

Openings Come


All is Well

Timing Is Pure

Trusting Your Self

Divine Guidance


The Bubbles Appear

When Returning From Up High

Realms of Experience

Sacredness Is

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

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