The Magi Way is the Art of Being…You. It teaches how to creatively empower and unlock awareness for optimal living, stress reduction, and well being. The Magi Way includes simple tools such as multi-dimensional body balancing sessions (Soul Transmosis energy clearings) to remove energies that no longer serve you to assist and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Creative expression serves my Soul in ways beyond understanding. May your hearts be uplifted as I share musings from Divine Source on the Blog page. Posting the grace received allows creative expression to flow and serve those who read the quatrains and transmissions.

The Magi Within - Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self Book CoverPlease enjoy our new book called The Magi Within available on Amazon.com. Everyone has an Inner Magi. This fun A-Z workbook is designed to empower you to go deep within and connect in a new way.  Open the book and receive inspiration specific for You or maybe ask “What alphabetical letter will serve me today?” and see what you get. There are no accidents. Your Inner Magi will support and lead you to your highest good and Your most beneficial outcome. The Magi artwork activates too! Life as a Magi brings You love, joy, kindness, and more. BE the Magi! For more information check out  www.TheMagiWithin.com.

The Magi Way is a Wholistic Health Lifestyle Empowerment Program. What if you could experience how fun it is to feel really good by using simple, creative tools that naturally strengthen and support you? Your personality affects your health and this individualized, creative stress management class empowers You to take control, protect and/or maintain your Self. How? It’s easy – through a simple, non-invasive muscle test your body will show You how your body reacts when under stress. Based on this simple test we discover your personality typing and begin sharing how to utilize the archetypal images and the program that is specific for you. Isn’t it time to begin feeling like the God or Goddess you truly are?

Soul Transmosis is energy work that clears on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions. Spirit Mending works! The clearing frees you on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sometimes we have energies in our biofield that don’t belong to us but we think it’s our energy. Soul Transmosis clears these energies to free You which aligns and balances You so an experience of optimal well being may be expressed. If there is a wound or a disconnect, it may cause problems such as stress, insomnia, unexplained aches and pains, or anxiety, depression, and sadness that may be alleviated with a Soul Transmosis session. Call (303) 803-7840 for an appointment!

To find out more about me and the work I facilitate, please go to the About page for more information.

I look forward to serving you.


Tracey Whittet is a gifted energy facilitator. She is a joy to work with as she is constantly following what’s light, generating change, and expanding consciousness.

Donna S.

Thank you for the work that you do.  It really gets to the core of everything.  So nice for me.  I loved it.  I feel more in touch with the inner “me” today.


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